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Property Second Mortgage

Cash withdrawal from property is simple, easy and fast! Simple Credit provides professional, rapid and quality business loan service, including Property Second Mortgage and HOS Owners Loan.

Property Refinancing

Owner can only provide the original assignment of loan and refinancing at Simple Credit. Simple Credit can provide an extra-low interest rate for you and lighten your financial burden.

Synchronous Mortgage Loan

Bank’s valuation was insufficient, but not want to forfeit the deposit? The Synchronous Mortgage Loan is your choice. Submit the documents in only 3 days before, we will get funds ready for you to complete the deal. Also accepts the application from Inland China intended to acquisition in Hong Kong.

Owner Loan

Planning to large amount of cash withdrawal is also simple. Title deed as collateral is not required, and you can clear all the card debt at once without stress!

Application Procedure


Property cash withdrawal is simple, easy and fast! Simple Credit provides professional, rapid and quality business loan service for property owners, including property first and second mortgage.


Only takes 15 minutes for initial approval
Inform the client of the result with the information of interest rate, monthly repayment, etc.


Visiting to us for applying the loan with documents required


Signing the contract at law firm after 24 hours and cash will be transferred

Register online or call the hotline

Important Notice

Unauthorized Promotion Phone Calls or Emails


We hereby declare that the recent telephone calls regarding the promotion of loan products, or emails impersonating us are not related to us. We have not authorized any of our former employees to possess customer information. In order to avoid any inconvenience and anxiety to customers, we have sought legal advice and reserve the right to take any action, and if necessary, to request assistance from the police.

Simple Credit Limited declares that:
1. We do not employ or authorize any former staff to have client's information for marketing purposes.
2) All of our calls of promotion purposes will only be displayed in 2735 prefix, which is the direct line from the Account Manager.

If you receive a call from a person claiming to be a former employee of our company or you are in doubt of the identification of the caller, please do not provide your personal information and take down the information of the caller, and call our Customer Service at 2735 8636 for verification. If the call is not from us, we will refer the call to our legal representative.

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